Sunday, June 26, 2016

#1699 fun at the reunion

We have returned from family reunion weekend! We had a nice time plus it was relaxing and pretty great to get out of town. It's been really hot here and the temperature was delightful in southeastern Idaho. during the day, the temperature was in the mid-70s (about 24C) and at night in the mid-40s (about 7C). I was comfortable during the day and slept great both nights.  We were in a cabin with a bathroom, so really, I had nothing to complain about at all.

 We lived in Idaho for many years, and there is a lot about Idaho that I really like. First off, we have family and friends there. Second, it's a beautiful place. Southeastern Idaho has lots of fields and rolling hills. There are not a lot of people, especially out in the rural areas. It feels peaceful. There are mountains and rivers and lakes. Don't get me wrong - I don't want to live there. We liked living there and it was good, but I have not ever regretted moving to Salt Lake City. This is home. Idaho is where we visit, just like California.

We stayed in a campground called Mountain River Ranch. We had last been there about 10 years ago or so. Everyone liked it so much, I think we had the reunion there four or five years in a row. The campground is only a little more than an hour from Pocatello where a lot of the family lives and even closer for the families in Blackfoot and Idaho Falls. The campground is very nice with lots of trees, hook-ups for RVs and cabins to rent for those of us who don't do a lot of camping. About a mile up the road is Heise Hot Springs where there is a big pool, a golf course and a pizza parlor that turns out a good pie.

We got to the campground on Friday night. Many of the people were already there, so it was nice to visit and relax. It was windy but warm. We stayed up late chatting. I slept so good that night! Usually I wake up a couple of times to go potty, but not that night. It was wonderful. I woke up refreshed and ready to go on Saturday morning.

After breakfast, T and I decided to go for a walk. We walked about half a mile together, then he went left and I went right. I walked up to Heise Hot Springs.  It wasn't steep, but it was steady. According to the Map My Walk app, there was a 50 feet elevation gain. I guess it's not much, but I could feel it. My bum feels it today!  The walk lasted just over an hour (1:12) and was 3.4 miles. I wasn't walking very fast and I stopped along the way for photos. Here are some of the pics:

farm across the road from the campground
The Snake River. I walked along the road on the left side of the river.

View from the road

on the riverbank at the Heise Hot Springs campground

view on one side of the road

view on the other side of the road
Like I said, the three of us had a nice time. It was good to be there and good to get home, too. Osi stayed at doggie daycare here in SLC. She was glad to see me when I picked her up. Her feet seem to be doing fine and the doggie daycare people said she was fine and had fun.

I hope you all had a nice weekend, too! Talk to you Tuesday.

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Kteach said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all, nice pictures :)