Thursday, June 8, 2017

#1879 throwback Thursday with Grandpa

Last week I went to Stockton, CA for work. The training session I attended was finished around 4:00 and my flight out of Sacramento wasn't until the next morning, so I had a little time on my hands. I decided to take the opportunity to drive to Dixon to visit my aunt and uncle. They live in the same house where they grew up. I spent many happy days at that house in the summers with my grandparents. Even though my grandparents have long since left this earth, I still like to go to the house. It's the same and it's different than when Grandma and Grandpa were alive. When I'm there, and I close my eyes, I can remember how it was when they were there.

My aunt surprised me by giving me an envelope with seven photos of me as a wee tyke. One of the pics is wee me on a swing with a bigger girl in the swing next to me. There is also a picture of wee me with my mom and my great grandpa Moore. There are two pics of wee me with both my grandma and grandpa and the other three are just wee me and my grandpa.

Of course, as you can see, the photo on this page is wee me (I just turned two!) and my grandpa. His birthday was on June 10, so it's nearly the anniversary of his birthday, and that's why I thought it would be fun to share this pic today. He was born in 1912, so in the photo, taken in 1968, he was celebrating his 56th birthday. MT just turned 56 in May.

I can tell you for certain that my grandpa and my husband lived their first 56 years completely differently!

As my dad has gotten older, I think he really resembles his father. Maybe one of these days I'll post this pic again along with a current pic of MT, just to see what 56 looks like 49 years apart. I'll also post a current pic of my dad to see the resemblance to his dad. I'll work on that :)


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I'd like to see the picture of you and me and Grandpa Moore. He was my favorite person in the family. Such a nice man :)