Wednesday, June 28, 2017

#1899 WW Wednesday: awe, awww and ahhh

This post isn't so much about weight loss lessons learned. It's more about the difference between words.

In the Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday, the topic was about getting outside and experiencing "awe". It was about seeing things with new eyes, for example, if you take the same walk frequently, trying to notice something new that inspires and awes you.

We have a new leader and she's called Lana. She has been around for four or five weeks. She seems nice and sweet. She's very cute and I think she has an interesting side to her but she has been pretty conservative as she gets to know the group. Our last leader, Fabulous Gina, was very secure and let her freak flag fly. I loved her. I don't ever see Lana being quite as silly as Gina, but I'm hopeful there's some silly in there.

Here's an example of why I love Gina. She told us a story about taking care of her parent's house while they were away on vacation. Right before the parents were due to come back, Gina went over to the house to clean and spiff up the house for their arrival. In addition, she decided to replace pictures of one of her brothers with pictures of the actor Steve Buscemi.

I don't know if this is the photo she used, but if you were thinking, "Who is Steve Buscemi?" now you know.

She didn't replace all of her brothers pics with Steve, just some and she said it made her laugh so hard every time she did it. I was thinking, "Who does that?" and "Oh hell, that's funny!"


So Lana asks the group what we think of when she says the word "awe". This is not a new concept. It was right there on the cover of the weekly mini-mag we get, but there were still people who said, "I think of nurses - say ahhh" or "I think of puppies - awww." One guy finally said that when he stood at the rim of the Grand Canyon, he felt awe.

Sheesh! Come on people!

Bless sweet Lana. She was so kind and tried to work with the craziness and steer the discussion back on track. I wonder what she was thinking of the group after the meeting. I was thinking, "Holy hell."

In other news, last week I gained a whopping 2.5 lbs. Why? I'll tell you. I went to the gym four times AND started taking a strength training class. My muscles were so sore that I know they were holding onto water as they tried to figure out what the hell I was doing to them. I felt good about going to the gym, but I was certainly disheartened by the big number. GRRR. Hopefully the body will get back into line this week. I've only been to the gym twice this week (cycling and Zumba) and tomorrow I'll go back to the strength training class. It's a process. I know I'm doing the right thing and the results will come. Gotta stay with the plan!

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